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In 2018 Marin Literacy Celebrates 33 Years of Liberating Voices with Literacy!

We are proud of 33 years of liberating new voices in our community through the power of literacy. As this year draws to a close we celebrate our successes and we announce that we will be closing the program in January of 2019.

The Marin Literacy Program is leaping for joy celebrating over 30 years of liberating the voices of our students with the gift of literacy! 

We have so many inspiring success stories that we will share with you during our 30th year of serving our community. One of our former students we want to acknowledge is MLP Board Member Jaime Ortiz. Jaime is now the Downtown San Rafael Bank of Marin Branch Manager and volunteers his time and expertise as a board member. We also want to thank our long time advanced student Martha Jimenez who serves our students so beautifully as our Student Outreach Coordinator.

Our latest class of tutor are now working with their students who will bring the richness of their lives and voices into our community in a more powerful way as they increase their literacy skills. Men, women, mothers, fathers, grandparents – our new group of students come from our own backyard and all over the globe. They were born in Oakland, California and in Senegal, Guatemala, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Chad, Korea, Japan and the Dominican Republic. Their stories are all amazing and we can’t wait to share their writings as their skills are acquired and sharpened.

We invite you to become a part of giving them the gift of literacy in 2015 by volunteering or donating!

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