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Marin Literacy Program provides Marin County adults with free student-centered instruction in reading, writing and speaking to help them reach their full potential at work, at home and in the community. Begun in 1985 with a five-year $31,000 grant from the California State Library, the program is now managed by the Board of Directors of The Marin Literacy Program 501(c)(3).

Marin Literacy Program has served over 8,400 adult students and trained over 1,400 volunteer tutors since its inception. Services are provided to Marin County adults, families and inmates in a variety of ways and delivered in diverse settings:

Adult Literacy Services

MLP’s Adult Literacy Services (ALS) trains volunteer tutors in a two-day training. They are then carefully matched with Marin residents over 18 years of age who wish to improve their literacy skills. Adult students are tutored in both one-to-one and small group settings and are offered a variety of additional learning opportunities, such as book clubs and workshops.

Family Literacy Services

Family Literacy Services (FLS) tutors go through a dedicated Family Literacy training. They can then assist parents and caregivers who are responsible for children who are working to improve their own literacy skills. FLS adult students receive monthly gift books for their children as well as a special book for their birthday.

Inmate Literacy Services

Inmate Literacy Services (ILS) helps inmates at San Quentin State Prison and Marin County Jail who want to improve their literacy and parenting skills. Through Project REACH at San Quentin, inmates receive instruction from trained inmate tutors and community volunteers.

West Marin and ESL Literacy Services

In West Marin we offer English instruction, family literacy, and preparation for the GED, in both one-to-one tutoring sessions and small group classes. We also provide funding for programs in West Marin like the weekly KidsZone at the Point Reyes Farmers Market on Saturdays with bilingual story-times and monthly book giveaways. Our ESL program has recently expanded to Fairfax as well.

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