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Publications and Press


2010 Student Writings
An inspiring collection of orginal works written by MLP students, this 25th anniversary edition features 25 of the best stories from 1990-2010.

Spring 2010 Newsletter
MLP newsletter for students and the community.

2010 Writer-to-Writer Booklet
MLP students write to their favorite authors.

2010 Community Report
A brief review of Marin Literacy Program’s involvement with and impact on the community.

MLP Brochure
A quick look at the Marin Literacy Program.

*All publications above are in PDF format.

Publications Archive

2008 Student Writings
2008 Community Report
Fall 2008 Newsletter
2007 MLP Community Report
Winter 2008 Newsletter
2007 Student Writings
2006 MLP Community Report
2006 Student Writings
2005 MLP Community Report

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