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MLP Student Eligibility Guidelines

Student Help Line 415-537-0526

The truth is that many of the adults who need MLP’s services do not have the skills to read this page or to research other resources in order to find the help that they need. So MLP counts on schools, agencies, employers and the community to help refer students who could benefit from our services.

Following are guidelines designed to assist schools and agencies in Marin County who wish to refer students to the Marin Literacy Program. Students’ literacy levels will be determined by the Literacy Program staff. Some students may be too advanced to qualify for a tutor, while those unable to communicate in English may be directed to one of MLP’s ESL classes or referred to another ESL provider.

To be eligible for initial placement for general literacy services, candidates must:

• We prefer that students are able to speak and understand English well enough to communicate basic information, but we do have Spanish bilingual assistance available.

• Be at least 18 years old

• Demonstrate the ability to attend to task for the duration of the intake interview

• Be able to see well and hear well enough, given optimum lighting conditions and assistive devices if needed

• Be willing to commit to at least 1-1/2 hours per week of instructional time, for a 6 month period, or an equivalent commitment as agreed upon between tutor and student

• Commit to meet at an agreed upon tutoring site

• Be able to get to the tutoring site without assistance from the program

• Demonstrate a desire to learn

To be eligible for continued literacy services after being accepted into the program, candidates must:

• Attend scheduled tutoring sessions regularly

• Arrive at tutoring sessions on time

• Notify the tutor in advance of planned absence or expectation of being late

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