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Tutor Tips and Resources


If you have questions or need some guidance please feel free to call 415-537-0523 or email us at readandwrite@marinliteracy.org.

One of your first tasks as a new tutor is finding a good place to tutor that works for both you and your student here are our guidelines.

All of our Marin Literacy Program resources can be reserved in advance  and picked up at our San Rafael Public Library Resource Center in the Tutor Pickup box or in our West Marin Literacy services office in Point Reyes Station. You can let us know the  title of the book or workbooks you need or ask for guidance around resources for specific skills needed by your student.

One of our 2015 goals is expansion of our online resources for tutors and we would love your input on sites or tips that we can share.

Currently we have some information for you listed below.

Here’s a good place to view a typical first meeting.

The Literacy DuPage organization has other excellent videos and tips on first meetings and developing lesson plans at DuPage Real Tutors & Real Learners Videos

Here are some other helpful external resources:

Reading Comprehension Stories with Worksheets

Verb Tense Guidelines – simple and effective talk about form, function, and basic grammar tenses

Conversation Advice –  Many topics which can be printed on card stock and cut up.  You could compile these cards, randomly drawing a card at the start of each tutoring session. A great way to enhance cultural awareness (for both student and tutor) and encourage conversation.

We highly recommend Judy Gilbert’s Clear Speech series as an excellent way to work with pronunciation. Here is an informative Video of a Judy Gilbert workshop.

Here are some other tips and activities for pronunciation and spoken English that can assist you in making the learning process more fun.
Pronunciation Tips – 
speaking practice
vocabulary study and quizzes

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