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Where to Tutor

MLP prefers that our students and tutors meet in a public place rather than someone’s home. Most of the public libraries have spaces appropriate for tutoring, as well as the College of Marin and Dominican University’s library. Many of our tutors also use local coffee shops and cafes like the café at Book Passage in Corte Madera or at Copperfield’s in San Rafael.

MLP has a dedicated tutoring station at the San Rafael Public Library and a Resource Center with two tutoring areas. The Resource Center is currently closed for flood repairs and should reopen in March. MLP also has an office in Point Reyes Station with a tutoring area.

Some of our tutors do tutor at the homes of their students or in their own homes and if you find that to be necessary, please let us know in advance. We want to know the details of why, when and where for our insurance records. An excellent example of when this is necessary is for some of our tutors who are tutoring on dairy ranches in West Marin. We are fully insured for the protection of our tutors and students, but our agreement requires that we keep track of non-public situations.

Additionally we want to remind you that it is your responsibility and part of your tutor agreement to have up-to-date car insurance if you are driving to meet your student or if you drive anywhere such a field trip.

If you have any problems finding a suitable tutoring spot, please notify the Executive Director at 415-537-0523. Also, please let us know if you find a new convenient public space for tutoring so that we can pass the information on to our other tutors.

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